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Propel your career in more than one skilled trades profession with Herzing College!

Interested in exploring the job market as a certified plumber and gas technician? Kickstart your journey to becoming one with Herzing College’s Plumber Pre-Apprenticeship and Gas-3 Technician (Estimation Track) program. 

Plumbing and gas technician training are correlated as plumbers often work on gas-fired equipment. Hence, Herzing College is offering a productive 2-in-1 course that combines both plumbing and gas technician training. 

Program Duration: 36 Weeks

Our 36-week TSSA-approved program prepares students to secure a paid apprenticeship after graduation. Get trained by licensed instructors and get relevant safety certifications when you enroll for the Plumber Pre-Apprenticeship and Gas-3 Technician (Estimation Track). 

The program also dedicates 6 weeks to project estimation courses that are essential to planning and executing the knowledge acquired during training.  You will get a chance to experience real-life work situations at our dedicated facility, preparing you for complex tasks that you will deal with during your apprenticeship. Some of the skills that you will learn in this course include: 

  • Safe use of hand and power tools
  • Installation techniques for ABS, PVC, DWV, cast iron, copper, steel, and PEX pipes. 
  • Installation and repair of plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Heating and humidification systems
  • Plumbing rules and regulations of the Ontario Building Code
  • Interpretation of blueprints, technical manuals, drawings and graphs

Once you complete this detailed course, you can get paid to perform the following tasks: 

  • Installation and activation of gas-fired units up to 400,000 BTUH
  • Working on construction projects
  • Medical gas system installation
  • Working as a gas fitter 
  • Working as a gas technician


International students studying at Herzing College do not qualify for the Post Graduation Work Permit.

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